Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bearcat Football is right around the corner!

Hey all!

Sorry for the long absence, it’s been kinda busy here. I’ve finished my first month of class, which was good. I got an A+, which here is around an 18/20. Here 16-20 = A+ so 18 is really good. Apparently teachers never give 20s, and I got 2. I’m proud of that. Otherwise, nothing really new to add about last months class.

Last weekend I went to Avignon, which was actually not that great of a city. It’s pretty dirty and a lot of “bad-boys.” The Palais du Pape was quite nice, and I’m glad I went back to see it, but otherwise there wasn’t much to do. If I hadn’t known anyone who was there, I would not have been able to stand it there.

One thing I realized is that despite our faults as a nation, with racism and such, I think we are more open to foreigners. Not that I’ve had any problems, nor am I saying that the French are rude, I’m just saying I think we’re more open to foreigners. Of course they have to speak our language when coming to the US where as most French do speak enough English that foreigners will get by. I suppose that if English wasn’t the “world language” or whatever that we’d know the world language too. However, it is and we do.

I’m watching the Spring Game replay on www.GoBearcats.com and we are looking pretty good. I’m getting pretty excited for football to arrive. I’m looking forward to working with the guys this summer/ fall and I’m planning on going to all 14 games. I’ve got all but Uconn down for sure.

Yesterday night I went to the Grenoble soccer match. It was pretty sweet, a couple of Red cards, a fight, and a 0-0 score. This pleased me because it guaranteed that Nantes moves up to Ligue 1 next season.

So I’ve watched about 20 minutes of the game and the 1st team offense has turned it over twice, to the first team defense. Is it good that the defense is taking it away or bad that the offense is giving it away? Grutza looks good, as does Anderson. Jones hasn’t gotten is as of yet, but I think he’ll be good too! I like to see the competition for the QB role. Personally, I’d like to see Grutza as the starter. Nothing against Jones or Anderson, but I think the experience is important, and I’m not sure that Jones is at 100% yet. Hope remains that we’ll have Mauk, but I don’t know what his shoulder will look like either?

Anyway, I’ll be going to Marseilles on Thursday Morning and spending a couple days just relaxing there. I’m looking forward to the break that Avignon didn’t provide.

Well, it’s almost midnight and I’ll be up around 7 so I should really be heading to bed.


128 days! UC vs. EKU Thursday, August 28

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